Manicure & Pedicure

Manicures & pedicures are an ideal & simple way for maintaining for healthy cuticles & skin. To achieve best results manicure & pedicure should be performed by an expert & trained therapist with sterilized equipment to avoid any cross contamination & infections. What makes Cosmetique medi spa apart from other salons, is every equipment at our medi spa is sterilized like any equipment is sterilized in an operation theatre .

Manicure & pedicure treatments can range from simple, like trimming cuticles, filing nails, and applying a coat of clear polish. All the way up to more extended treatments with more steps, including exfoliation, hand masks, lotion application, and massage.
At Cosmetique, our medi spa offers manicures & pedicures are tailored to suit each individual client’s needs. We offer the manicure & pedicure treatments in Lahore for clients seeking nail care solutions for a number of different reasons. So not only you get relaxed by a pampering hand massage & manicure but also we can guide you about your nail health in the process.

If someone asks where I can find the best medi spa near me for manicure and pedicure, you can always refer them to Cosmetique medi spa